Aceh Government

Cut along Indriani ACEH news and Ayie
Motion Aceh: Aceh government more corrupt,
Deviations with Social Assistance Fund USD
The M 859 Given to Group
Certain Near dr. Zaini Abdullah
BANDA ACEH – Movement Against Corruption (GeRAK)
Assess Aceh Aceh government now
the more corrupt than the government
Coordinator GeRAK Aceh, said Askhalani
Acehnese government under the leadership of
Zaini Abdullah corruption in Aceh continues
increased in the absence of efforts to combat
corruption at all.
“The current government does not have the attitude that
decisively towards the eradication of corruption and
attitude to overcome leakage, “he said
at a press conference on Monday (11/8) in Banda
Askhalani explained, noting Aceh Movement
where the occurrence of irregularities
management of grants and grants
social (Bansos) given to the
the receiver with a total of USD 859 M
the potential for corruption.
“Funds are grouped for community
managed by certain groups
close to dr.Zaini. In fact, some of the funds
is used for private purposes, ”
Askhalani said.
One of the most visible indication,
Further Askhalani help on group
community including procurement assistance
fertilizer, and livestock such as procurement,
ducks, chickens and goats. Where Motion Aceh
found from a total of 35.6 M funds
was intended partly fictitious.
In addition, further Askhalani Aceh Movement
found indications of corruption in
procurement of goods and services within the
Aceh government.
“There were 150 reports related to the procurement of goods and
services where the project winner
won by colleagues or parties-
certain parties are close to the Governor
Aceh, “he said.
During the two years of leadership Zaini
Abdullah, Aceh motion judge no
bombastic programs initiated
by the government.
“The government now only proceed
previous government programs such as the program
JKA and no bombastic program
initiated on dr.Zaini government, ”
he said.


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